Zebra – Stew

Zebra is very lean, low fat and tastes excellent.  Unusually for a red meat, zebra has a very light flavour – It’s recommended as a good summer meat. Cut meat into stewing pieces, dip in seasoned flour and brown in oil.  Add tomatoes, quartered and seeds removed, then the stock or soup and seasoning.  Simmer until tender, depending on age … Read More

Crocodile – Skewers with Cashew Nut Satay

Grover Butchers Crocodile Recipes

Crocodile Meat was featured by Ainsley  on Ready Steady Cook some years ago. You will find that crocodile is very like pork in taste when it is cooked. There are quite fine threads of fat running through the white meat which, when crisped nicely, add a lot of flavour to this otherwise fairly bland tasting meat. This will definitely surprise … Read More

Buffalo – Steak Sandwich

Grover Butchers Recipe Buffalo Steak Sandwich

British Buffalo meat is a wonderful new addition to our British Meats Section, being almost a by-product of the Buffalo Dairy Industry. The original herds were producing Buffalo Dairy Products (the famous mozzarella cheese, ice cream, milk etc.,) and of course, in the process bull calves were produced. This story is echoed in most dairy industries, whether it is with … Read More

Alpaca – Curry

Alpaca Curry Recipe from Grover Butchers

Alpaca meat is the byproduct of culling the herd – but it’s a tasty byproduct. Each mature alpaca harvested equates to about 60 pounds of meat – roughly the same amount of meat you can get from a deer. Lean, tender and almost sweet, alpaca meat is nutritionally superior to many of its red meat counterparts. Lower in calories, fat … Read More